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University of Melbourne Optometry Students' Society

Who are we?

The University of Melbourne Optometry Students Society (UMOSS) consists and represents the interests of postgraduate students from the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Melbourne, including Doctor of Optometry and Research Higher Degree candidates. The committee of office bearers consists of students from the graduating class of each year.

Mission statements

The aims of UMOSS are:

  1. To facilitate opportunities for optometry and vision science students to interact with one another, and better integrate into their respective courses.
  2. To facilitate opportunities for optometry and vision science students to network with members of the optical and optometric industry (including potential future employers), as well as the wider healthcare and science community.
  3. To keep optometry and vision science students up to date with current frontiers in optometric and health science research.


In light of the recent transition to the Melbourne Model of postgraduate professional degrees, UMOSS membership now consists of only postgraduate students in Research Higher Degrees (Masters & PhD), and the Doctor of Optometry- with the first cohort graduating end of 2014. As such, UMOSS is a diverse community with students coming from a diverse background in previous study and experience.

UMOSS organises many events throughout the year, including the annual Eye Ball and other social events. We also work together with other organisations to provide students with a broader optometric exposure in areas such as contact lens practice and behavioural optometry.

A fortnightly newsletter and members-only Facebook group keeps members informed about upcoming events, as well as job openings (e.g. casual optical dispensing) from time to time. The Facebook group also provides a platform for members to discuss current issues and innovations in optometry, vision science, and healthcare.

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