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Research Higher Degree (RHD) – Doctoral and Masters List
of Theses

2015 PhD Chong L Customised automated stimulus location choice to improve visual field procedures.
PhD Chang J Wireless visual electrophysiology in conscious rats for preclinical drug testing.
PhD Phillipou A Investigating the neurobiological and cognitive features of anorexia nervosa.
2014 PhD Nguyen B Vision anomalies in migraine.
2013 PhD Viswanathan S Thalamocortical transformation of visual signals: role of geniculate orientation biases and intracortical circuits in orientation selectivity of striate cortical neurons.
PhD Verghese A Mechanisms of top-down processing in visual perception.
PhD Bowman E Longitudinal changes in neural correlates of saccadic eye movements in young people at ultra-high risk of psychosis.
MPhil O'Connell R The relationship between ocular blood flow, oxygen saturation and visual function during IOP elevation.
2012 MPhil Lim J Ageing effects on ocular blood flow, oxygen tension and function during IOP elevation.
PhD Karas R Perceptual centre-surround processing in older adults.
PhD Tsai T Functional correlates between the rat electroretinogram and visual evoked potential.
MPhil Rubinstein N The effects of ageing and visual field loss on visuomotor control.
PhD Wong V Susceptibility of the diabetic rat retina to intraocular pressure challenge.
2011 PhD Maloney RT Neural and Psychophysical Dynamics of Visual Attention and Short-term Memory.
PhD He Z Functional and vascular consequences of ocular perfusion pressure modification.
PhD Arumugam B Strategies to inhibit myopia: pharmacological and optical approaches.
PhD Percival K Wide-field ganglion cells in primate retina.
MPhil Hui F Time course of retinal changes in models of chronic IOP elevation.
2010 MPhil Srinivasalu N Cellular biomechanics of the sclera: Role of strain on cell-mediated extracellular matrix contraction and cellular differentiation.
MPhil Charng J Ageing and the effect of repeated intraocular pressure challenges on retinal function.
MSc(Optom) Liu H Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase activity in the chick sclera and its effect on the development of myopia.
PhD Rajeev N Optical, neural & perceptual interactions following blur adaptation.
2009 MSc(Optom) Adler D The non-neural contributions to the pigmented rat ERG.
PhD Li J Role of parallel afferent channels in visual attention.
PhD Ran Wan The role of TGF-beta in myopic eye growth.
PhD Ayton LN Accommodative and saccadic correlates of reading.
MSc(V.S.) Erikoz B A quantitative analysis of the Marmosent lateral geniculate nucleus.
PhD Bedggood PA Adaptive optics methods to increase the isoplanatic patch size for human retinal imaging.
PhD Roy S Segregation within afferent pathways in primate vision.
MOptom Hackett DA The mechanisms of rarebit perimetry. (Master of Optometry).
PhD Jong M The relationship between retinal structure and visual function in aging and retinitis pigmentosa.
2008 PhD Downie LE Vascular, neuronal and glial cell changes in retinopathy of prematurity.
PhD Charn KM Impact of visual input and task demands on infantile forms of nystagmus.
PhD Abbott C J Detailing retinal pathology in high myopia. An evaluation of optical imaging & histological assessment.
2007 PhD Dang TM Elucidating the primary components of the rat electroretinogram.
MOptom He Z Functional consequences of acute IOP challenge.
MOptom Farmer J Developing eye care and an analysis of eye conditions in PNG.
PhD Nguyen CTO Omega-3 modification of IOP and ganglion cell FC.
PhD Verma R Contribution of human cone photoreceptors to the photopic flicker electroretinogram.
2006 PhD Yee P The role of fish oil in diabetic retinopathy.
PhD Weymouth A Fish oil modulation of membrane proteins.
PhD Vallan K Psychophysical explanations of the illusion underpinning frequency doubling glaucoma.
PhD Metlapally S The role of positive lens defocus in the regulation of ocular growth & refractive state.
PhD Lee SC The cone connections of bipolar cells in primate retina.
PhD Szmajda B Subcortical pathways for colour vision.
MOptom Waugh M Functional structural assessment of early glaucoma.
MOptom Kozulin P The effects of viewing virtual imagery with a new generation head mounted display on the oculomotor system of children. (N/A)
2005 PhD Jusuf PR Synaptic connectivity of visual pathways in the primate retina.
PhD Metlapally R The characteristics of integrins in mammalian schlera and their role in ocular growth and the development of myopia.
PhD Blessing E The role of the parvocellular pathway in primate colour vision.
PhD Battista J Left-right recognition in central and peripheral vision.
2004 PhD Sampson GP Efficiency of treatment for visual information processing dysfunction.
MOptom Koleski D Metalloproteinases-3 in the retinal pigment epithelium.
PhD Phipps JA Retinal neural dysfunction in diabetes.
MOptom O'Loughlin RK Age-related maculopathy: a correlational study.
MOptom Lee JCY The effect of task lighting on visual function of people with age-related macular degeneration.
PhD Yin GC-A Specific muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype(s) involved in the control of myopia development. (N/A)
PhD Kenning MS The activation & therapeutic regulation of matrix metalloproteinase 2 in the tree shrew model of myopia. (N/A)
2003 MOptom Dang TM Visual consequences of age and retinopathy.
PhD Armitage JA The physiological consequences of N-3 pufa deprivation: evidence for altered adult function following perinatal N-3 deprivation.
PhD Ames ML The effects of viewing stereoscopic virtual imagery with a head mounted display on the human oculomotor system.
PhD Vessey KA The role of cholinergic signaling in the control of ocular growth and myopia development.
PhD Tailby C The importance of spatial and temporal context for visual processing.
2002 PhD Zele AJ Adaptive dynamics of flicker processes.
MOptom Sun D Functional & immunocytochemical characterization of retinal NMDA responses.
MOptom Gibson R Development & degeneration of the mouse retina.
PhD Bui B Retinal function and immunocytochemistry during metabolic insult.
MSc(Optom) Liu LY Regulation of scleral collagen turnover in myopia development. (N/A)
PhD Truong H-T An investigation of muscarinic antagonists in the control of ocular growth and myopia development.
2001 MSc(Optom) Leung KK The effects of desktop imagery viewing on the human oculomotor system.
2000 PhD Pianta M Light & dark adaptation in human color vision mechanisms.
MOptom Bara C The mechanism of action of reverse geometry gas permeable contact lens in orthokeratology.
PhD Anderson AD Mechanisms underlying luminance-pedastal flicker detection.
PhD Cannon JF On the quaternary structure of alpha-crystallin: a structure study of the N-terminal residues of the alpha-crhystallin subunit.
MOptom Phipps JA Retinal function in cases of treated and untreated soft drusen.
1999 PhD Weisinger H The role of n-polyunsaturated fatty acids in the development of retinal function & Ingestive behaviour.
PhD Lakkis C Contamination of hydrogel contact lens disinfecting systems.
PhD Jobling AI Mammalian steroid cataract.
PhD Haymes SA Vision impairment and activities of daily living.
MSc(Optom) Venkatachalam K Visibility of road sign materials under various illuminants.
1998 PhD Napper GA Neurochemical changes following hypoxic/ischaemic insult in the vertebrate retina.
PhD McKendrick A Vision after migraine.
MOptom Soon FC Recognition of CIE signal colours by persons with normal colour vision.
MOptom Bui BV Ontogenesis of Guinea-pig ERG.
1997 PhD Ho SM Corneal astheisometry with a carbon dioxide laser.
MOptom Kabov J Factors affecting the pharmacodynamics of tropicamide.
1996 PhD Cheng AS Early visual function losses in age related maculopathy.
PhD Squires M Temporal stimulation and eye growth.
PhD Liou HL Optical modeling of visual performance.
MSc(Optom) Hazel CA An evaluation of reading eye movements in subjects with low vision.
1995 PhD Demirel S Optimising the reliability of automated perimetry for the early detection of visual disorders.
PhD Chung ST-L Effect of image motion on spatial processing.
MSc(Optom) Weisinger HS Dietary manipulation and retinal function.
MSc(Optom) Young L Smoking and cataracts.
1994 MSc(Optom) Lenne RC The relationship between visual acuity and refractive error.
MSc(Optom) Mahon LE Luminance and chromatic inputs to saturation.
PhD Metha AB Detection and direction discrimination in terms of post-receptoral mechanisms.
1992 PhD Chengwa L The design & performance of intra-ocular lenses.
PhD Golding T Evaluation of tear film impairment in dry eye and hydrophilic contact lens wearer.
MSc(Optom) Napper GA Environmental factors in the development of refractive errors.
MSc(Optom) Vessey GA Retinal mechanisms in ocular growth.
1991 PhD Bruce AS Assessment of corneal function during extended wear of hydrogel contact lens.
PhD Keefe JE Assessment & educational implications of the common causes of low vision in children.
1990 PhD Beng AH Retardation of carbon dioxide efflux from cornea during contact lens wear.
1988 PhD Pierscionck BK The effects of devel. & ageing on the structure and function of the crystalline lens.
PhD Hughes PK Eye movement behaviour in a complex visual environment.
1986 PhD Brennan NA Hydrophilic contact lens properties measurement stability & clinical relevance.
1984 PhD Vingrys A An analysis of colour vision standards in the transport industry.
1983 PhD Atchison DA Principles & techniques of spectacle lens design.
1982 PhD Fullard RJ Tear enzymes as biochemical indicators of corneal dysfunction.
PhD Poropat PMK Corneal geometry stability, variation and optical significance.
1981 PhD Wills EM The division of labour in Health Care.
PhD Efron N Oxygen levels at the human cornea during contact lens wear.
1979 PhD Jenkins SE The nature and measurement of visual conspicuity.
1978 MSc(Optom) Jacobs RJ Legibility of extended alphabetic displays.
PhD Howell ER The detection and perception of large objects.
MSc(Optom) Hoban BP A study of the effects of sodium salicylate and a steroid on Polymorphonuclear leukocyte emigration and corneal vascularization.
1976 PhD Hess RF Threshold contrast sensitivity in strabismic amblyopia.
PhD Voke J The industrial consequences of deficiencies of color vision.
1975 PhD Fisher AJ Factors affecting seeing on the road at night.
1974 PhD Carney LG Studies on the basis of ocular changes during contact lens wear.
PhD Johnston AW Some factors impeding visual information acquisition.
PhD Watkins RD A finite aperture model of the optical system of the human eye.
1971 PhD Brown B Eye movements and dynamic visual activity.
PhD Cole BL An investigation of the blue sensitive mechanisms of human colour vision.
1969 PhD Kerr Vergence induced correspondence changes in anomalous retinal correspondence.
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