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Figure 1:

Our laboratory is interested in imaging and developing novel methods for analysis and its application to retinal disease. Here we show that Pixel-by-pixel analysis of Video Fluorescein dynamics highlights areas of blood vessel leakage.

Video Fluorescein Dynamics

Figure 2:

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the risk factors for neurodegenerative diseases such as glaucoma. Here we explore how blood pressure influences the risk of glaucoma. This figure shows a schematic of the central retinal artery under normal conditions (A) and following thickening, narrowing and impaired reactivity with chronic hypertension (B). These structural changes will compromise blood flow autoregulation and lead to partial ocular ischemia. The insets show the experimental evidence for increased wall-to-lumen ratio of the ophthalmic artery in chronic high blood pressure.This may explain why prolonged systemic high blood pressure may actually increase the risk of glaucoma.

Central Retinal Artery Schematic

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