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Eye Movement Laboratory

Research Team

National and International Collaborators

The Eye Movement Laboratory is directed by Dr Larry A Abel, it addresses a range of problems relating to eye movement control in both clinical populations as well as in normal subjects. Major themes of recent or ongoing research are briefly described below.

Nystagmus and Other Ocular Oscillations

This has been a major interest for more than 25 years. Some of the studies include:

Eye Movements in Neurodegenerative Diseases

This has been a focus of collaborative activity for many years as well. Past and present studies include:

Eye Movements and Cognition

This broad descriptor includes studies which have examined visual memory, prediction and attention. Some recent examples of this have included ageing-related analyses as well, since early detection of elderly individuals showing potential signs of dementia will be of increasing importance as effective treatments for disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease become available. Some projects have been:

Saccadic Eye Movements and Traumatic Brain Injury

Saccadic and Pupillary Indicators of Fatigue

In several studies supported by DSO National Laboratories, Singapore, we are looking at several eye movement and pupillary measures to evaluate whether some combination of these may be useful in detecting fatigue before it is severe enough to impair performance.

Selected Recent Publications

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