Melbourne School of Health SciencesDepartment of Optometry & Vision Sciences

Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences is ’on the move’

In February 2012, the Department of Optometry & Vision Science (DOVS) started moving out of the Australian College of Optometry. The department is relocating to levels 3 and 4 of the Alice Hoy building on campus.

The DOVS Staff will be moving to the 4th floor of the Alice Hoy building on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of March. Changes to staff telephone and office details will be reflected in the Staff Information when they become known.

The level 3 teaching spaces will include new preclinical optometry practice suites, seminar rooms, a student lounge, and new practical laboratories. Level 4 will house professional and academic staff including post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, PhD, Masters, and Honours students. The following research laboratories (dry labs) will be based at the Alice Hoy building: Clinical, Psychophysical, Visual Functions, Eye–Movements, Ocular Response, and Human Retinal Imaging.

The Melbourne Brain Centre will house four labs from the DOVS. The $225 million centre is a collaborative project between the Florey Neurosciences Institutes, the University of Melbourne and, the Mental Health Research Institute. This project is a major initiative of the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Government to support brain and neuroscience research. The four laboratories are: Ocular growth & myopia research, Single and multi-cellular electrophysiology, Ocular disease process and therapeutic intervention, and in-vivo retinal imaging. This is a very impressive space that heralds a new era for neuroscience research in the department and an exciting prospect for collaboration.

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