Melbourne School of Health SciencesDepartment of Optometry & Vision Sciences

Successful application for Learning and Teaching Initiative Grant

A team of department educators (Julie Martin, Michael Pianta, Alexandra Jaworski, Anthea Cochrane and Algis Vingrys) were successful in being awarded a $25,000 Learning and Teaching Initiative Grant from the University of Melbourne.

The purpose of this award is to ensure quality learning outcomes in externs by designing interactive web-based case-based scenarios. Case-based simulations will be used to sustain clinical knowledge in diagnostic and management issues not encountered during an externship thus dampening the effects of variable or narrowed patient presentations. They can also be used to broaden a student's knowledge or refresh on less common issues by invoking clinically meaningful simulations.

The groups intent is to supplement the departments OD students capstone externship by value adding to their clinical exposure.


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