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New Alumni Program Launched by Department -
Let us know your contact details so we can keep in touch

With the advent of the first 5-year cohort of graduates and the new focus of the University of Melbourne on knowledge transfer and community interaction, the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences has decided to establish a more active Melbourne Optometry Alumni Society to keep all colleagues who graduated from the Department in touch with University of Melbourne news and views.

The Department of Optometry (later renamed Optometry and Vision Sciences) of the University of Melbourne was officially formed in 1973 and formally took over the complete running and administration of Optometry degree training - although the University of Melbourne first awarded degrees in Optometry as early as 1961. This means there are 32 years of Optometry graduates (no graduates in 2005) who have obtained their Optometry training from the University of Melbourne Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences. By our estimates this means there are over 900 alumni from our Bachelor of Optometry course alone. When you add to this some 250 Optometrists who have completed their Postgraduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics and some 60 Optometrists who have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Optometry, the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences at the University of Melbourne has nearly 1,200 alumni.

We are keen to interact with all alumni wherever you are based, so please send us your details (including email) to receive our alumni newsletters and information on other events of the Department and University of Melbourne.

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