Melbourne School of Health SciencesDepartment of Optometry & Vision Sciences

Research Higher Degree Students


  1. Elham Azizi
    Research: The effect of action video games as a rehabilitation technique for traumatic brain injured patients.
    (A/Prof Abel and A/Prof Douglas)
  2. Shonraj Ballae Ganeshrao
    Research: Improving perimetric test strategies by using prior structural data.
    (A/Prof Turpin and A/Prof McKendrick)
  3. Janet Chan
    Research: Ageing effects on audiovisual asynchrony perception.
    (A/Prof McKendrick and Dr Pianta)
  4. Jason Charng
    Research: : The eye as biomarker: developing wireless recordings of the electroretinogram and visual evoked potential and its application in drug testing.
    (Dr Bui, Prof Vingrys and Dr Nguyen)
  5. Luke Chong
    Research: Using anatomical information to create improved visual field procedures.
    (A/Prof McKendrick and A/Prof Turpin)
  6. Amanda Douglass
    Research: Eye movements in neurocognitive disorders and frontotemporal dementia.
    (A/Prof Abel and A/Prof Walterfang)
  7. Angelina Duan
    Research: The effect of gas breathing on retinal oxygen saturation and function in ageing and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
    (Dr Bui and A/Prof Metha and Dr Bedggood)
  8. Sharna Hughes
    Research: Visual scanning of simple and complex stimuli in schizophrenia.
    (/Prof Abel and Dr Greenway)
  9. Flora Hui
    Research: Medical biotechnology diagnostics (incl. Biosensors).
    (Dr Bui, Dr Nguyen and Prof Vingrys)
  10. Mojtaba Kermani Ahangarani Farhani
    Research: Neural substrates of visual attention.
    (Prof Vidyasagar, Dr Levichkina)
  11. Jia Jia Lek
    Research: Contrast processing in ageing and glaucoma.
    (A/Prof McKendrick and Prof Vingrys)
  12. Jeremiah Lim
    Research: Effect of intracranial and intraocular pressure modification on optic nerve structure and function.
    (Dr Nguyen, Dr Bui and Prof Vingrys)
  13. Edward Liu
    Research: Critical duration for irreversible retinal dysfunction in a model of chronic IOP elevation.
    (Dr Bui, Dr Nguyen, Dr Zheng and Prof Vingrys)
  14. Errol Lloyd
    Research: Feedforward and intracortical mechanisms in primary visual cortical function.
    (Prof Vidyasagar, Dr Jayakumar and Dr Viswanathan)
  15. Alaster Meehan
    Research: Using quantitative phase imaging (QPI) for ocular aberration measurement and enhanced retinal imaging.
    (A/Prof Metha, Prof Nugent and Dr Allman)
  16. Yamni Mohan
    Research: Comparative study of thalamocortical organisation in the visual system of animals.
    (Prof Vidyasagar, Dr Viswanathan and Dr Jayakumar)
  17. Joseph Paul
    Research: Developing a stress test to aid diagnosis of glaucoma.
    (Dr Bui, Dr He, Dr Nguyen and Prof Vingrys)
  18. Andrea Phillipou
    Research: Investigating the neurobiological and cognitive features of Anorexia Nervosa.
    (A/Prof Abel, Prof Rossell and Prof Castle)
  19. Kabilan Pitchaimuthu
    Research: Perceptual surround suppression in the elderly.
    (A/Prof McKendrick)
  20. Nikki Rubinstein
    Research: Incorporating spatial information into visual field testing algorithms.
    (A/Prof McKendrck and A/Prof Turpin)
  21. Marzieh Salehi Fadardi
    Research: The effects of task-induced stress on the visual cognition and eye movement reaction time in nystagmus.
    (A/Prof Abel)
  22. Molis Yunzab
    Research: Receptive field organisation and plasticity in mammalian primary visual cortex.
    (Prof Ibbotson)
  23. Joe Zhou
    Research: Multi-spectral adaptive optics retinal imaging for in vivo observation of blood vessels and ganglion cells in high-powered eyes.
    (A/Prof Metha and Dr Bedggood)


Masters of Philosophy

  1. Cassandra Brooks
    Research: Audiovisual Integration in Glaucoma.
    (A/Prof McKendrick and Dr Anderson)
  2. Laura Deinema
    Research: Orthokeratology – a novel treatment for dry eye disease?
    (Prof Vingrys and Dr Downie)
  3. Julie Jiao
    Research: Chronic hypertension and the risk glaucoma.
    (Dr Anderson and Dr Bui)
  4. Adela Park
    Research: Investigating the role of microsaccadic eye movements during hyperacuity tasks.
    (Dr Anderson, Dr Bedggood and A/Prof Metha)
  5. Selwyn Prea
    Research: The effect that raised intracranial pressure has on optic nerve displacement and the glaucoma process.
    (Dr Bui, Prof Vingrys, Prof Dusting and Dr Liu)
  6. Anna Van Koeverden
    Research: How hypertension and its treatment modifies the risk of glaucoma.
    (Dr Bui, Dr He and Prof Vingrys)
  7. Shajan Velaedan
    Research: To understand the causes in optical superiority between moderate to high myopic individuals with different mesopic and scotopic sensitivity.
    (Dr Bui and Dr He)
  8. Joe Wang
    Research: Flicker induced vascular response in streptozotocin diabetes.
    (Dr Bui, Prof Vingrys, Dr Jobling and A/Prof Fletcher)

Masters of Science (Vision Sciences)

  1. Nandhini Sri Manogar
    Project Title: TBA.
    (Dr Anderson)
  2. Nicholas Owens
    Project Title: Chromatically-induced decrease in central vision with preserved perifoveal vision.
    (A/Prof Metha)
  3. Darren Zhao
    Project title: Effect of trans-laminar pressure modification on the rat optic nerve head.
    (Prof Vingrys, Dr Bui and Dr He)
  4. Juan Sepulveda
    Project title: Novel assessments of structure and function in glaucoma.
    (A/Prof McKendrick)
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